Comfort Stand
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Welcome to our main albums section. Filled with full length releases and EPs, here you can dig into the artists you find and enjoy.

Comfort Stand releases are all over the map in terms of categorization and although we persisted for years not filing any of our releases under genres we have split releases up under a few main sections for easy perusal of our music.


Pop Goes The Stand
a sparkle and a dash of music from poppy to rocky to pretty to silly

The Apartment - Three Forks

Roy Chicky Arad - Tourists, Come To Israel, It's A Nice Country

Beef Humper - The Glorious Future Of Mankind, Part 2

Bleep - Datenbergbau

The Bran Flakes - I Remember When I Break Down

Cell1110 - St. Meringue

Change! - Circle Of Ambient Friends

Chenard Walcker - The Lotus Opus

Chenard Walcker - Middle

Chenard Walcker & Roy 'Chicky' Arad - Monster

The Coconut Monkey Rocket & Martinibomb - SPLIT!

Dan Deacon - Twacky Catz

Flavia & The Motonets - El Amigo de los Niños

Otis Fodder - Music To Drive Cross Country By

Fortyone - Different Mayonnaise E.P.

Fortyone - Fortyfive

Fortyone - Music That's Better Than It Sounds

Edith Frost - Demos

Full Load of King - Normal

Clemens Eduard Haipl - 330rawson

Heirstyle - Heirstyle

Vagina Jones - Karneval der Vagina

Bruce Lenkei - Indolent Perambulation

Lady Bombon vs. Gigaboy - Stereo-Sonico

Lullabelle - The Trial of Florasador Gehrboyzel

Joe Meek - Joe Meek

R. Stevie Moore - Tra La La La Phooey!

In The Doorway (Morella)

Puyo Puyo - Lullabots

Økapi - Bah!

The Space Lady - Street-level Superstar (Owed to Boston)

Stark Effect - Mic In Track

Tapeworm Collective - Tapeworm Compilation 1

Twizzle - Soda Fountain

Vegaenduro - Vegaenduro

Jan Turkenburg - A fifth of Splogman

The Wades - Greatest Hits

Dondero High School Pop Concerts
from yearly pop concerts to a greatest hits compilation

Dondero High School - Pop Concert 1995

Dondero High School - Pop Concert 1996

Dondero High School - Pop Concert 2000

Dondero High School - Pop Concert 2001

Dondero High School - Pop Concert 2002

Dondero High School - Pop Concert 2003

Dondero High School - Pop Concert 2004

Dondero High School - Pop Concert 2005

Dondero High School - Pop Concert Sampler 1995-2005

Kid Stuff
here are our youngest artists on the label presenting music just for you

Georgia & August Greenberg - Sing Songs for You & Me!

Potrzebowski & McMillan & Company - Murder That Was Heard

snapshots of people and places transporting you to another place and time

Dan Ake - Melophobia

Dale - Meet You At The 7-Eleven

Erick Gallun - Sound Field Furrows

music on the far flung realms of listening from noise to breaks to sampling to ???

Big City Orchestra - Boom Crash Crash

Big City Orchestra - Trixxy Pixxy

Joel Knight Chevalier & Unexpected Social Images - 450

Eddie The Rat - Drop Me Off In Denpasar

Eddie The Rat - Lip-synching At Zero Gravity

Feverdreams - Surrounding

Fork In The Blender - Training Bra Sweat

Full Load of King - Alphabet Of Desire

Full Load of King - Elevator to the Gallows

Full Load Of King - FLOP

Mrs. Grossman (& Monty) - Education and What-not

Harlan - The Beat Maker

Iron Metal - Iron Metal I/Rock on the Hole

Lanark - Ovnis a Mogollón

Lanark - The Preserving Machine

Mar-Tie - The Avant-Garde Grandpa

Nicholas Smith - American Propagandhi

Pee-Bug - The Reckoning

Pee-Bug - Witch Pizza Going Sally