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Dondero High School A Capella Choir - Pop Concert Sampler 1995-2005




catalog: csr080


time: 68:29


release: 04.01.06


audio: 192k mp3



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Dondero High School A Capella Choir, Royal Oak, Michigan. Rick Hartsoe, Choir Director. Coordinated & Released for Comfort Stand by Suzanne Baumann. Special thanks to Rick Hartsoe, Jan Stewart & Ryan Parmenter.



For me, it started one Saturday morning in 2002. On a whim I picked up two Dondero A Capella Choir cassettes at a thrift store, something to listen to in the car as I went about my errands.

I got in the car, popped in a tape and "Black Water" started to play. As with so many ubiquitous pop songs, the Doobie Brothers original never did much for me. It was just another pretty sound that might come over the loudspeakers at the supermarket. The Dondero version, however, pulled the song out of the background and shoved it right in front of me. Now I had context: knowing that high school students learned this song, rehearsed this song, performed it in front of family and friends finally made "Black Water" real to me as a piece of music.

This ability to make tired old pop songs fresh is only part of what makes these concerts a such a pleasure to hear, however. There's real skill demonstrated here, and a palpable sense of excitement in this music. The students sound like they're having a great time on stage, and the audience is cheering and shouting with equal -- if not more -- enthusiasm. This holds true through every year of Pop Concert I've heard, and there's eight of 'em sampled here. Listen to the full concerts (Comfort Stand releases 072-079) for the banter between songs and you'll soon understand these kids' genuine fondness for the concert, their fellow choir members, and their instructor, Rick Hartsoe. The students truly put their hearts into each performance.

Thanks to everyone involved in these recordings for such hard and amazing work.


Livin' Thing (E.L.O. cover, 2000)



You're My Best Friend (Queen cover, 2005)



Black Water (Doobie Brothers cover, 1995)



We Built This City (Starship cover, 2002)



Time of the Season (Zombies cover, 2003)



Cold As Ice (Foreigner cover, 2005)



Lady (Styx cover, 2001)



Roundabout (Yes cover, 1996)



Shock the Monkey [edit] (Peter Gabriel cover, 2004)



Love in An Elevator (Aerosmith cover, 2002)



Eleanor Rigby (Beatles cover, 1995)



Super Trouper (ABBA cover, 2002)



I Don't Want Your Love (Duran Duran cover, 2004)



Hazy Shade of Winter (Simon & Garfunkel cover, 2003)



Easy Lover (Phil Collins/Philip Bailey cover, 2001)



Holiday (Weezer cover, 1996)



Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In (5th Dimension cover, 2000)






1. Instrumentalists unknown

2. Drums: Tyler Berg; Guitar: Ryan Cairo, Sean Dufty, Geoff Iverson; Bass: Mike Farr; Fender Rhodes: Max Schurig

3. Instrumentalists unknown

4. Keyboard: KT Cassady, Joel Schenk, C.J. South; Guitar: Chris Csicsay, Roy Garbuz; Bass: Matt Csicsay; Drums: Ryan Gates; eDrums: Joe Scott

5. Drums: Tyler Berg; Bass: Matt Csicsay; Slapstick: Mike Farr; Guitar: Roy Garbuz; Organ solos: Chris Logan, Joel Schenk

6. Drums: Tyler Berg; Bass: Sean Dufty; Moog Prodigy: Mike Farr; Guitar: Geoff Iverson; Acoustic Piano: Max Schurig; Organ: Allison Vogelsong

7. Bass: Nick Byrnes; Drums: Brad Elliott; Guitar: Roy Garbuz; Percussion: Ryan Gates; Piano: Ashley Heidrich; Synth: Sarah Herzberg; Lead Guitar: Ian Prukner

8. Keyboards: Ryan Parmenter

9. Soloist: Adam Brown; Bass: Mike Farr; Drums: Ryan Gates; Guitar: Andy Toggweiler

10. Guitar: Chris Csicsay, Roy Garbuz; Bass: Matt Csicsay: Keyboard: Joel Schenk; Drums: Joe Scott

11. Instrumentalists unknown

12. Keyboard: KT Cassady, Jan Stewart; Guitar: Chris Csicsay; Bass: Matt Csicsay; Drums: Joe Scott

13. Drums: Tyler Berg; Guitar: Adam Brown, Sean Dufty; Bass: Mike Farr; Bass Drum/Cowbell/Clap Machine: Ryan Gates; Keyboard: Chris Logan, Max Schurig, Joel Schenk; Shaker: Geoff Iverson

14. Cowbell: Tyler Berg; Acoustic Guitar: Mike Bermudez; Drums: Matt Csicsay; Sleighbells: Mike Farr; Guitar: Roy Garbuz; Tambourine: Ryan Gates; Shaker: Rob Gignac; Bass: Alex Hill; Keyboard: Chris Logan & Joel Schenk

15. Bass: Nick Byrnes; Keyboard: KT Cassady; Drums: Brad Elliott; Keyboard: Ashley Heidrich & Sarah Herzberg; Lead Guitar: Ian Prukner

16. Instrumentalists unknown

17. Trumpet: Sam Beaubien, Andrea Champagne; Drums: Brad Elliott; Flute: Melanie Flynn; Tambourine: Ashley Heidrich