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Auld Lang Syne




catalog: csr071


time: 65:42


release: 12.31.05


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Produced by mr_melvis. Cover illlustrations by Nick Sedillos with package perfection by Suzanne Baumann.



Another New Year's Eve is upon us, a time to reflect on all that has happened in the previous year and to wonder about events yet to come in 2006. New Year's Eve is celebrated in so many ways around the world, it is truly a global time of reflection and anticipation. Here at Comfortstand, we decided to celebrate the changing of the year by asking artists from all over the world to take the song most associated in people's minds with New Years Eve (the old Scottish song 'Auld Lang Syne'), and to provide their interpretations of the tune.

This compilation contains the results of that invitation, reflecting both the world's spent energy and vibe of 2005 and it's pent-up hopes and dreams for 2006.. 25 artists have provided us with songs ranging from straight forward cover versions of the tune, to artistic representations of the concept of Auld Lang Syne and the New Year event, based on the artist's own vision and experiences.

Our New Year's Eve wish for 2006 is that as you play this compilation, you will take the time to reflect on the world that we live in, and what your role is in that world. As you ponder these things,we hope that you will make the decision to join us in living well, taking care of others as well as yourself, and enjoying all of the happiness that is there for the taking in 2006. Happy New Year from all of us at Comfortstand!

Volume One


Scotch And Soda (Featuring Pastor McPurvis) - Auld Lang Syne



Love Dove - Old Lang Syne



Die Dicken Puppen - Auld Lang Syne



The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers with Criadero en Seres - Old Long Sin



mystified - Auld Lang Dub



R. Stevie Moore - Yecch to Auld Lang Syne



Fresh Nelly - Auld Lang Syne



Gimp Nipples - Awldlngsine



Away Deities - Auld Lang Syne



The Ronnie Wibbley Disco Machine - Auld Lang Syne



Jack Jacques - A Cup Of Kindness



The Mountebanks - ALS (saudade)



Justin M - Never Brought To Mind



The Holiday Squad - Excelsior Lang Syne



Bros II - Abchied Bruder (Happy Little Auld Lang Syne)



Rene Vis - Auld Lang Syne



Lovebyte - Auld Lang Syne



Fortyone - Auld Lang Syne (Cup O'Kindness)



JR - Auld Lang Syne (Radio Version)



Emerson Dameron and Jeff Disler - What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?



Chenard Walcker - Auld Lang Syne



Kaffeinik - The Auld Lang Syne Hop



Cellar Twins - Auld Lang Syne Memory



John Louis Kluck - Auld Lang Syne (End Is Near Mix)



mr_melvis - One Minute To Midnight (or: How I Spent New Year's Eve 2005)



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Scotch And Soda (Featuring Pastor McPurvis) - Auld Lang Syne
Scotch and Soda, Pastor McPurvis, and the entire staff of wish all the citizens of Earth a happy and prosperous New Year.

The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers with Criadero en Seres - Old Long Sin
'Old Long Sin' was constructed by The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers from samples of the traditional Auld Lang Syne song which have been twisted and shaped into drones, beats, rhythms and noise to form the musical side of the new 'Old Long Sin' track. Criadero en Seres provided the vocal tracks and whose words are taken from the original lyrics, changed slightly and then translated into Spanish. These new lyrics have been sung, spoken, shouted and whispered by different people in the Criadero en Seres collective. They have then been further chopped up and processed and added into the mix to complete the track. Enjoy...

R. Stevie Moore Singers - Yecch to Auld Lang Syne
Recorded acapella Tuesday December 31, 1975 at 226 Chapel Avenue, Nashville TN on THC.

Gimp Nipples - Awldlngsine
Music for all the other insomniac shut-in masochists currently flagellating themselves with a rubber glove tied to a stick. Thanks for listening, I hope it hurts.

The Ronnie Wibbley Disco Machine
Recorded live at North London's majestic "Slappers" nightspot, this New Year treat features band members Hammer Malone, Pablo and Manolita, with introduction by DJ Nappyhead. Ronnie's plangent ukulele has never sounded as sweet and fitting as on this traditional Scottish ballad of lost love and regret.

The Mountebanks - ALS (saudade)
The Mountebanks chosen for this recording were: Special K, Mitzi Machiavel, Ferro, Anabela Rocha, Ceefax, Mupps, 97, Amy Pascoe and Joaquim Toledo.

BROS II - Abchied Bruder (Happy Little Auld Lang Syne)
I first heared "Nehmt Abschied Bruder Ungewi" when I was a small boy and in my imagination it became a German traditional folksong. Then I realised it's not. Still I paste the German lyrics in what we like to call our happy little version of "Auld Lang Syne". Black Angus, who bestows my song his canto is known as the german Bon Jovi, though maintaining a different political attitude and very different anyway. In Cologne it is winter at New Years Eve, thus I decided my version of the song must be a summerly one, banishing the ghosts of winter. In its gradient the song is constantly striding away from the burlesque reference to the original, pulling out into an electrisized break, featuring Julia Pfeiffers spoken word apearance, slightly returning to the hook line and ending in an electronic loop. Black Angus' singing features the first and third verse plus the chorus of the lyrics written by Claus Ludwig Laue on the "Auld Lang Syne" melody in 1946. Translated to English they say: Verse 1: Farewell brothers, insecure is all recurrence, the future is obfuscatory and burdens our hearts; chorus: The heavens vault above the land, farewell, so long, all of us embeded in God’s hand, farewell, so long; Verse 3: That way in every ouset, the ends no far away, we come here and we go there, and with us time goes bye.

Emerson Dameron & Jeff Disler - What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
That's Emerson's voice over Jeff's track.

Kaffeinik - The Auld Lang Syne Hop
The samples for the tune were taken from the Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra, who gave written permission for the use of the samples.