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Tidings of Comfort




catalog: csr050


time: 6:38


release: 12.22.04


audio: 192k mp3



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A special song from your friends at Comfort Stand Recordings. Performed by Jan Turkenburg, mr_melvis, Otis Fodder & Suzanne Baumann. Booklet by Fridge Magnet Concoctions.



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Holiday Single


Tidings of Comfort



Tidings of Comfort (Instrumental)



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Here's just the thing to liven up your next party! Whether it's a family gathering, office party, or an intimate get-together with friends, we hope "Tidings of Comfort" makes your occasion extra special. A little music can make all the difference between a lackluster function and one that truly swings.

We hope this little gift from our family becomes a part of yours in generations to come. As a special bonus, please enjoy the free booklet of party pointers.