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Stark Effect - Mic In Track




catalog: csr003


time: 17:55


release: 12.28.03


audio: 192k mp3



download: zip (27MB)


stream: m3u or flash


Artwork by Neil Sorenson. Produced by Stark Effect.



Creative Commons License

A "mic in track" is a recording made on a PC using MusicMatch Jukebox, a music utility packaged with many new PC's that allows the user to record from the microphone input of the PC's sound card and save the recording in mp3 format. The default filename is "mic in track" followed by a number.

If that user also happens to be running a peer-to-peer file-sharing program, and unwittingly shares the directory in which the mic in track is stored, then these personal recordings can be easily downloaded from the user's computer. The vast majority of them are either silent or uninteresting, but many are like Christmas presents giftwrapped in nondescript serial numbers. They represent unique examples of audio vérité.

Software used: FruityLoops/FL Studio, Cool Edit Pro, Goldwave.

Thanks to: The Evolution Control Committee, for discovering mic in tracks. Shawn Fanning, for creating peer-to-peer technology. The Snuggles collective, for ideas and support. Otis Fodder, for giving this project a home away from home. Anonymous (also known as "Default" or "Artist"), for creating their mic in tracks.


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